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This section of the TA website provides licensees with links to TA cost metrics and rebanding progress reports. Resources include Executive Summary Graphs, TA Quarterly Progress Reports, and TA Cost Metrics (PFA and FRA Metrics).
TA Quarterly Reports:
Executive Summary Graphs
Click on the images to view rebanding progress highlights from the most recent TA Quarterly Report.

Mexican Border FRAs Reconfiguration Status (as of 12/31/2020) > Enlarge
TA Quarterly Reports:
Progress Reporting
Progress Reporting

As the manager of the reconfiguration effort, the TA reports on the progress of 800 MHz band reconfiguration on a quarterly basis.

In the Progress Reporting section, you can view and download the TA's Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs), Annual Reports, and Status Reports.

TA Cost Metrics:
PFA & FRA Reporting
This section contains TA cost metric reports, including Planning Funding Agreement (PFA) metrics and Frequency Reconfiguration Agreement (FRA) metrics.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding metrics, visit the Cost Metrics FAQs section on the FAQs page.

PFA Metrics
The PFA Metrics are a set of cost metrics that identify typical licensee planning costs and rates based on system size. This information is useful to stakeholders in expediting the preparation and negotiation of Planning Funding requests.

FRA Metrics
The FRA Metrics are a set of cost metrics that identify statistical measures of licensee reconfiguration implementation costs and rates, based on system size. This information is useful to Public Safety licensees in the preparation of cost estimates for their FRAs, and will expedite the negotiation of FRAs.

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