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This section of the TA website provides licensees with resources for completing the reconfiguration process. Resources are organized in three ways: by licensee Wave, by grouped topic Categories, and by an Index of Resources by title.
Resources by Wave
Wave 1 Wave 4,
Non-Border Regions

Canada Border Region

Mexico Border Region
Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

What's My Wave?
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U.S.-Canada Border Region
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Resources by Category
Resources for various phases and processes involved in reconfiguration

Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets regarding various phases, forms, and processes involved in reconfiguration

Necessary forms and templates for vendors and licensees

Tools for reconfiguring licensees, including Metrics, the TAs Call Sign Checker, and the FCC ULS Database

TA Policies
Official TA and FCC policies regarding reconfiguration

TA Frequency Interference Checklist
Provides direction for licensees who believe they are experiencing harmful interference after retuning to their replacement frequencies.

Resources by Title
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